Imam Yasir Khan is a Sacramento native where he memorized the Quran and then travelled to South Africa to study the Alim program at Darul Uloom Zakariyya. During his studies he interned at various organizations to establish similar efforts in the United States. He graduated in 2014 and received certification in Fiqh, Hadeeth, Tafseer, Qiraat and other sciences. He is the founder of Al-Misbaah, a local non-profit that serves refugees and families in need, hosts youth events and other programs throughout the community. He also serves as a chaplain for Sacramento & San Joaquin County Jails. He is currently the Imam at California Islamic Center.

Office Hours for Imam

  • Monday & Wednesday                                            After Maghreb until Esha Salah
  • Friday                                                                          45 minutes after Jumuah prayer
  • Or by appointment on the other days: Email

The Imam’s day off is Sunday.

Imam Yasir Khan weekly teaching

  • Tuesday Tafseer in Urdu/Hindco: After Maghreb to Esha
  • Thursday Tafseer in English: After Maghreb to Esha
  • Daily After School Program: Monday – Friday After Asr to Maghreb
  • Saturday School: 9:45 AM – 2:00 PM