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The Muslims of Lodi and Stockton had been very active in establishing institutions for
the use of the community.  Over the last thirty years, they have established five mosques
and a cemetery. These are all not-for-profit religious corporations organized under the
laws of the State of California.  Each of these institutions has its own governing board
comprised of the volunteers from the community. The religious needs of the current
populations are met by the mosques and the clergy at each of these mosques and burial
needs are addressed by the low cost not-for-profit environmentally benign religious

The community always felt that the religious needs of the living and the dead are
currently addressed but the needs of the youngsters and the future generations of Muslim
in San Joaquin County remain unfulfilled.  It has been the dream of the some members of
the community to start a project which could be a legacy to the future generations. In this
regard an effort was started to buy a piece of land and build an institution which will
cater to the following needs:

+ A place for prayer which should be big enough to accommodate not only the daily
gatherings but also the gatherings of the annual festivals of Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha.
+ A place big enough and decent enough where weddings and funerals services could be
+ A place which will provide an indoor sports arena (basketball court) for the youngsters
and the young at heart.
+ A place which can provide rooms for tutoring of those students which are falling
behind in the public schools.
+ A place where social and political-informational gatherings can be held.
+ A place which should welcome the non-Muslim community with open arms for
interfaith dialogues, discussions, and social gatherings.
+  A place which could provide free medical information to the community for physical
and mental health.
In view of these needs the community bought an 18.6 acre parcel of land near the
southern border of Lodi.  The parcel of land is currently zoned agricultural as the part of

the San Joaquin County. It is, also, in the City of Lodi’s current 10 year general plan
reserved for residential units.   The new proposed general plan, which is ready to be
discussed by the Lodi City Council it is designated also as Residential. It is located at
12828 Lower Sacramento Road. Under any of these designations the land is suitable for a
religious center.
California Islamic Center has submitted an application in August 2008, to the County of
San Joaquin Planning Department for a use permit to build a 10,000 square feet
multipurpose religious center which will cater to the needs mentioned above.  The
application was reviewed by the planning department. A traffic study was done by
Dowling and Associates under the supervision of the Planning Department. After a public
hearing on May 7, 2009 the Planning Commission approved the use permit with a
unanimous vote.  With the help from Allah Almighty and generous donations from our
community members we have completed the construction of the 12000 sq. ft. facility in
August 2015, which currently provides enough space for the needs mentioned above.
This facility is insufficient for the Weekend school or or other gatherings. The Board has
decided to add about 6000 sq ft of additional space. We will be embarking on this project
very soon.